Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Drew Danburry

This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak For The Club

A recent (well, 5 weeks ago ) album release by Drew Danburry on Emergency Umbrella -  I'm soo enamoured with this...there's a better review than I can do over at, yet even with the issues they have with it, the whole thing seems to string together really nicely (aside from a one-minute silent track...)

The label promo says 
... This Could Mean Trouble... is an album that is arresting in its lo-fi deconstructive nature. Drew's new album breaks down the pop formula and weaves sections of song into a tapestry of intimate story lines that take the listener from their headphones to the various rooms, porches, and sidewalks he recorded from. Truly a master of his environment, Drew's album needs to be listened to from beginning to end with no pauses in between...
& I'd agree wholeheartedly.- bang it through headphones or whack up the volume & it's a gem.
Incidentally - boy! does this man tour - must be some kinda addiction eh.

Memorial Day (mp3)
Accident (mp3
I'm Pretty Sure (mp3)
This is my favorite song on the album (mp3) - yeah, that's the title... from An Introduction to Sex Rock (buy & two more sample songs at Mother Clucker)

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