Friday, 19 December 2008

A Distant Shore...

In 1981 or 2, an avid record collector friend gave me an album he'd somehow ended up with two copies of - Beach Party by the Marine Girls; it must be one of the most played lp's I have.

A simply-recorded, ultra lo-fi joy, there are 16 short songs about love, boys and girls, and the sea. Tracey Thorn & Alice Fox provide the charming vocals & guitar...Alice's sister Jane plays bass.

Tracey recorded a solo album - Distant Shore in 1982, & after the Marine girls split in '83, found fame with Everything but the Girl; the Fox sisters started Grab Grab the Haddock.

I've a hard time choosing the best songs - they're all lovely, but here's a selection...

A few words from Honey, which manages to be sweet & chilling at once, as Tracey sings of a lover wanting possession of her heart.

I know I'll love him forever, or until I find another boy...
I'll love him every day, or at least until this feeling goes away...
Honey knows I never lie, and I'll be his until this feeling dies.

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