Friday, 5 December 2008


a betrayal of someone with whom one is supposedly cooperating.
an upright post with a transverse bar, as used in antiquity for crucifixion.

verb [ trans. ]
go or extend across or to the other side...

annoyed, angry

a betrayal of someone with whom one is supposedly cooperating.

Jesus Was A Cross Maker(mp3) by Judee Sill - Not actually a religious song in my book, just written & performed by someone religious, In her own words...

I happened to stumble across this real obscure theological fact. and that is that Jesus was a cross maker, that really got me when I heard that, I knew I had to write a song about the same time I was having a real unhappy romance with this guy, who was a bandit and a heart-breaker; so, one morning I woke up, and realised that 'he's a bandit & a heart-breaker' rhymes with 'but Jesus was a cross maker', and I knew, that even that wretched bastard, was not beyond redemption...

Hear it on this live version(mp3), shorn of all the production from the sublime LP recording above, that enhances yet obscures her voice. 

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Double Cross (mp3) by Mary Coughlan

jumping from 1971 to 1985, this came out on her 'Tired and Emotional' album, and got a lot of radio play here in the UK, Mary's moved from this folky sound to being a bit of a torch singer, covering Billie Holiday very nicely.
note: I've two versions of this track, at different speeds, although obviously from the same original recording... the one above is the faster of the two & the one I'm used to hearing.

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King's Crossing (mp3) by Elliott Smith was on his 'From a Basement on a Hill' album, and is perhaps pretty atypical of how I think of his recorded songs... much more production, maybe not for the better. Ha! this is a festive number too, well Christmas-time anyhow.
It's Christmas time
And the needles on the tree
A skinny Santa is bringing something to me
His voice is overwhelming
But his speech is slurred
And I only understand every other word

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Sparks are another one, Like Dory Previn , that I'll find any excuse to mention.... stretching 'cross' to 'angry' here, hey-ho.

What Are All These Bands So Angry About (mp3) by Sparks

this is from their outstanding 2003 Lil' Beethoven album - not to everyone's taste I know, but if you like it, it's easily as good as their marvellous 70's work - It's a whole album listen really, maybe I'll post it if someone asks?.

the first grown-up single I bought, at the tender age of ten, was by Sparks in 1974 'This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us' - all gunfighty, rock-opera and screaming, as well as a huge-hit pop-song.... in just three minutes

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