Monday, 15 December 2008

A Crimewave?

Amidst all the festive.Christmassy,Holiday music everywhere; I find myself writing about .... err yeah, 3 songs to do with being nicked by the police, fuzz, cops - call 'em what you like,many people do.

Supergrass wrote about it in Caught by the Fuzz(mp3) - a glorious 2-odd minutes of 90's Britpop reliving a youthful arrest. Lyrically it spans an evening in the cells & the fear,shame & regret that follow - but in just three short verses each capped with a changing chorus that has an 'If Only' then a 'Tonight' from three perspectives - It's damn nearly classical structure.
If only my brother could be here now,
He'd get me out and sort me out alright,
I know I should have stayed at home tonight.

If only you'd tell us, we'd let you go,
We'll make it hard for you my son, so tell us what you know.
We'll make you wish you'd stayed at home tonight.

If only your father could see you now,
He'd break down, and he'd throw you out for sure.
I never should have let you out tonight.

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Dick Destiny & the Highway Kings home-produced their album Arrogance back in 1985 - standout track was Highway Patrol(mp3) - a hard-rockin' boogie concerning a mean-minded motorcycle cop. Another short (2:44) bit of perfection, conveying the menacing appearance & behaviour marvellously.

"I just ran a make on that blue juggler doin' 75 right in front of me - I've got two DWI & one expired license plate - I'm pullin' him over - Ha ha Hah! "

Dory Previn also had a run-in with a motorcycle cop, which she recounted on
20 Mile Zone (mp3), from the album On My Way to Where (1970). One of her happier confessional songs, it recounts being busted for screaming in her car.

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I clean forgot to add this - 
Sweeney Theme (mp3) . The opening music for my fave cop tv series.
"Jack Regan" below came out with many gems ...'We're the Sweeney son, and we haven't had any dinner...'
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