Wednesday, 3 December 2008


a random'ish bunch of covers I like, perhaps not the usual suspects?

China Girl by Anna Ternheim - myspace

Oh! You Pretty Things by Au Revoir Simone -myspace 
from Life Beyond Mars : Bowie Covered (buy)

Pleasant Valley Sunday by Marykate O'Neil -myspace 
from Through The Looking Glass: Indie Pop Plays The Monkees (buy)

Tonight You Belong To Me by The Broadway Hush -myspace (no songs there though)

why don't they let us fall in love? by the morning benders -myspace 
from the bedroom covers (free download - more)

I Want You To Want Me by Brian Lord -myspace 
from We're Changing (free download)- more covers here

Jailbreak by Susanna -myspace from Flower of Evil (amazon
from the Golden Opportunities mixtape (download from Pitchfork)

Lover Lover Be My Cover by Dory Previn (wikipedia)
 from The Art of Dory Previn (buy)

OK, sure, the last one isn't a cover version...but any excuse to play Dory Previn.
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