Thursday, 11 December 2008

Cold & Snow & such

just a few songs related to the weather today, being rather cold for southern England.

Eskimo Scientist (mp3) by  The Mood from Synaesthesia.
  Hardly a wintry song, quite the opposite, and after three listens today, I don't really know what the eskimo bit has to with it... but it's a fine bit of summery pop.
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Fallen Snow (mp3) by Au Revoir Simone from The Bird of Music.
Ah, this is more like it - they have the happy knack of writing charming little songs, although the lyrics aren't always so - 
Depressing things are empty beds and lonely dinners
And women who are middle aged with naked fingers
I'll buy myself a ring
To symbolize this marriage every time I break the laws to let you in
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The Snow (mp3) by Alela Diane from  Forest Parade
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Winter Song (mp3) by Nico from Chelsea Girl (1967)
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Winter for a Year (mp3) by The Arcade Fire from  the so called 2001 demos

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