Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Beatle for Christmas

You may have noticed that I've a weakness for what some would call junk or cheese....Here are four Beatles related Christmas tunes, and one (thankfully?) short excerpt by the Beatles themselves. Actually, the Rainbow Choir one is rather good, but I can't quickly find much about 'em, except that they did a Ryan Giggs song in a similar vein.

The Beatles track is just a short excerpt from a dull 6:22.... it's more Monty Pyhton or the Bonzo's, but hey.

I want a Beatle for Christmas - Becky Lee Beck

All I want for Christmas is a Beatle - Dora Bryan

Ringo Bells - Three Blonde Mice

Ringo for Christmas - The Rainbow Choir

Everywhere it's Christmas - The Beatles (0:30 excerpt)

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