Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bear Cat

Ahh, more sweet vocals - this time from New Zealand duo Bear Cat, who are Jocee Tuck and Dan Trevarthen.

 Red Panda Blues   mp3 
is likely gonna get a lot of plays, after being New Zealand's entry for the Music Alliance Project via Counting the Beat.
Jocee has a captivating voice, think Au Revoir Simone  amongst others...  Red Panda Blues is one of several songs that are about pandas ...actually, all the ones on their myspace are, but don't let it put you off; they make  excellent quirky songs with ace bouncy rhythms, simple strums & handclaps. Yep,  Panda Land sounds cool to me.

"they stole your land, bamboo from your hand. Now all you can do is sing"

 BW Hair mp3 might be my fave.
  Jocee & Dan's vocals fit together really nicely and the song builds to a fine crescendo before a quiet, almost choral finish.  - here's hoping they get a CD out next year.

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