Friday, 28 November 2008


The Younger Younger 28's had a song on their only album "Soap" with mary-jane in it ( see previous post - My Name is George... ) it was Julie.

the yy28's were a really very fine dark-pop band, who I stumbled into supporting My Life Story at Portsmouth.. a near-gurning northern front-man ( Ashley Reaks ), great lyrics, spangly girls singing & drawing air-pictures of the words - so, so good - they later did a mini-tour playing in Asda (walmart) shops & we caught 'em at Havant in front of bemused shoppers - quite surreal - check out Teenage Mum on their myspace

more about the talented Ashley Reaks here, an interview about his visual art here and some stuff on mp3unsigned.

His latest album - Melancholia, sounds a good listen, samples on myspace & buy it direct

One of his many artworks - Death dancing - lots more on Flickr
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