Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Today I have mostly been listening to : well, an old recording of a John Peel radio show from 1980 that I picked up at The Perfumed Garden - I was actually angling to hear a single I played on, which I know Peel played a few times in 1980, but no such luck.

It did however put me on to some ace reggae from Prince Far I which was just the sort of slightly ugly, heavy dub reggae that I'd spent a while trying to find. A bunch of King Tubby, Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, and hmm, Prince Far I/Adrian Sherwood/The Dub Syndicate later, & it was all good, but not what I started looking for, not heavy, dubby, ugly enough. Anyhoo, google turned up The Golden Years to err sample, and the "I are the One" track I heard Peel play - he reckoned the 6-disc "Creation Rockers" set from Trojan was a great intro - you can find it easily on for a test-drive. bio

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