Thursday, 27 November 2008

Starfucker & Sparks

the braindead post below got me thinking of bands who don't sound like the name might suggest - So here's Starfucker, who ain't a noisy death-metal-thrash combo at all, but make lovely music, even if (1) they are from Oregon, & (2) they do have a song called "happy fucking holidays" ha!. Taken from Another Grey Christmas, a 2007 Portland compilation.
see Starfucker at their Myspace & checkout "German Love" I love it.

also on a German theme - I like Spark's Girl from Germany from ooh way back when... the first grown-up single I bought was This Town ain't Big enough for the both of us, then later I found the Germany single in a second-hand shop - Marvellous.
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