Monday, 1 December 2008

Godsmania & Le Man Avec Les Lunettes

I ran into Godsmania (myspace) over at Indie-MP3 & as he said here , it jangles & pops a goodun' .

I've also enjoyed the music from Twig and Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - definitely a blog to check in on.

Le Man... (myspace) seem to be an Italian outfit ( pretty English-sounding vocals mind...) have a new album
"PLASKA PLASKA BOMBELIBOM" which they suggest you pay just €5 for, and buy stuff instead, although you can actually choose any price you wanna pay, even zero, but it's worth loads more than that.

Se På Stjärnorna mp3 is the third track, and a fine piece of pop it is, lyrics about Freezing Sea & Fireworks, Frozen Sky, and delightful strings/guitar . Happy & Sad at once - it's a gem.

There's a release on Series Two called La Belle Epop which is a limited release of just 300 (buy) ... to quote Indie-mp3 - "...this release on Series Two Records collects tracks from 2004's Saturate It Then Reverse EP, tracks from compilations, demos and a taster from their new Plaskaplaskabombelibom album..."

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