Thursday, 27 November 2008

Entertainment for the Braindead

wow, this is lovely, ignore any images you get from the name EFTB is a self taught lo-fi musician from cologne, germany. she has a voice and a bunch of little instruments, ranging from guitar and ukulele to paper bins and pepper mills.

she is currently thrilled by having found friendly netlabel people who introduced her to the joys of using creative commons licensing and kindred spirits for musical collaborations.
..... see her on Myspace

both albums are available via the website free! & combine charming, sometimes breathless vocals with various instruments, all played by Julia Kotowski & recorded on a home-computer, not that you'd know.

A nice review here & more samples.

Thoroughly rated if you've a soft spot for folky female vocals..... Clouds and Swallows (download) is especially nice, but it's hard to pick just one song - ahhhh.
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