Wednesday, 24 August 2011

That's Justice

Perhaps it's timely, while much of the 'civilised' West hops up & down at the beastliness of several Muslim countries - to note that the Scottish courts have yet again jailed the same man for the obviously dreadful crime of appearing naked in a public place... even when no-one has complained & no 'peace' has been breached.

Clearly, the oppressive regime there must be crushed by any means necessary.

Maggot Brain - 1971 - Westbound

Friday, 4 March 2011

Muammar Told Me not to come...

"That ain't the  way to have fun"

A piss-poor joke, I'll grant you - but sometimes that, & some renewed media coverage of the "Brotherly Leader and Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" is all it takes to get me off the pile of gold & posting some music again...

Of course - everyone knows this slightly funky version, and it is rather good.

Mama Told Me Not to Come - Three Dog Night
It Ain't Easy - Dunhill  - 1970

Randy Newman is the guy that wrote the song in 1966 - intended for Eric Burdon to perform.
I'm very partial to the country leanings of this - guitars by Clarence White (The Byrds etc) & yes, Ry Cooder, top it off just nicely, thanks.
Interesting how different the placing of lyrics over the music is, and the emphasis that adds & removes. The line about a (presumably) rather large cigarette makes me smile.
Mama Told Me Not To Come - Randy Newman
12 Songs - Reprise Records - 1970

This one by Eric Burdon & 'the Animals' sounds a bit umm, orchestral in the backing - which isn't surprising, seeing as that's exactly what it was... the Horace Ott Orchestra. I suppose it's as intended, but I can't really get into it. Maybe it went over better live - nice sleeve though.

Mama Told Me Not To Come - Eric Burdon & The Animals
Eric Is Here - MGM  - 1967

Friday, 27 August 2010


I've been attempting to come up with a song - or two or three - to illustrate the notion of there being plenty of songs on UK radio about America, and (relatively) few concerning England.
As ever, push comes to shove & memory fails - but my upstairs jukebox did belt out something suitable - which proves that the Dutch were well versed on, (or at least benefited from), England's fascination with the USA.

Call it cheesy, call it bubblegum… you may say they were no better than Baccara, or even the Brotherhood of Man (nothing wrong with Baccara in my book, mind you). But chances are you remember it, right from the opening pedal steel guitar (which Carpenters song is that? - Sssh...).

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Now this is more the kind of thing - it's about experiences in a city, how it feels to be there.
Still not quite the feel of too many to count American city songs, it's true - and perhaps I should find an English artist. Good enough though, Alexander - especially on a grey & rainy summer day in Portsmouth.

Frida Hyvönen - London!
Silence Is Wild (2008 - Licking Fingers)
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I ran into this whilst looking around - I could sniff about how I prefer the original, and it seems a bit metronomic; but hey, it's nice - cheer up eh.

Frida Hyvönen - Jesus Was a Cross Maker
Crayon Angel: A Tribute To The Music of Judee Sill (2009 - American Dust)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Oh! England

Oh goodness ! - a new post here? - surely not, Ha

I've been driving back n forth to my Dad's a bit lately, and after growing tired of most of an Eminem cd, (and too lazy to stop & replace it) - the radio's been on… Coast since you ask.

Two things strike me about the station

1: In between songs, they play a spoken message, boasting about how they don't interrupt the songs by talking.

2: They float on a whole raft of songs about American states & cities - maybe every MOR'ish station here does.

The latter got me thinking of how few tunes I knew of featuring English counties, towns & cities (or rivers eh), which doesn't mean there aren't many, but it certainly feels that way.

This first track actually isn't at all the sort of thing I'm looking for - but it did come to mind, and is rarely heard, so what the hell

Lonely Girl in London - Dory Previn
The Leprechauns Are Upon Me (1958 - Verve Records)

If the piano sounds more than useful - that's André Previn tinkling the ivories - back before he married Dory. Ok, so she wasn't Previn then, but Dory Langdon (born Dorothy Veronica Langan).

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What's Worse ?

If you've kept an occasional eye on Google's difficulties with the Chinese government - you'll know that the mandarins (ha!) in Beijing have been increasingly unhappy with Google's supposedly brave stance against censorship, which lately has involved nothing less blatant than an automatic redirect to their Hong Kong site... which provides results unfettered by China's requirements, which are then filtered by Chinese firewalls anyway, before the average user there gets a chance to see them.

A couple of days ago, Google announced a 'new approach'
"instead of automatically redirecting all our users..."
"and today we re-submitted our ICP license renewal application based on this approach"

Well, their 'new' plan consists of making into a make-believe 'landing page' where you can't make searches, or actually do anything - and a mouse-click anywhere at all results in... ? That's right !- an automatic redirect to their Hong Kong site.

I don't imagine that Google think for one moment, that this majorly minor non-change will assuage any Official misgivings about their operations over there - in fact, they seem to be saying
'hey world, we believe the Chinese government to be so backward in matters of the internet, that they won't notice this blatant ruse, ho ho'. Maybe they pulled a comical face too eh?.
Business, or rather Brinkmanship, as usual then.



Death in Vegas  -  23 Lies

Scorpio Rising (2002)

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Monday, 7 June 2010


Back in England - Portsmouth, to be reasonably specific - a car that wouldn't start due to a flat battery and some bugger next door who dug new foundations smack next to/under mine, with the consequential front door that sticks in the frame, & broken glass panel above it, as well as various cracks in walls & ceilings.

Big deal, - and so it is - for one thing that stood out, a reminder that really rankled, was the local 7-11 type store having cheese & bacon tucked safely away, well behind the counter, to prevent their theft by the grubby hands of presumably - more than one or two, regular 'customers'.

There's something rather wrong with that. The booze, other than spirits, is out n about where light fingers might easily lift it. You're (comparatively) welcome to chance your arm shoplifting a meat pie, or a mozzarella salad ready meal - anything in fact, from Apples to umm, whatever they may sell beginning with Z, but cheese & bacon is clearly just too tempting, and must be segregated, along with cigarettes & lottery tickets.

Now, what kind of people live round here, that some crappy convenience store finds it necessary to ring-fence these fairly basic foodstuffs ?. Well I'll tell you - they aren't hugely poor or especially criminally inclined; not mainly students, immigrants, or any other group you could slap a name on.

What the hell? - it's a reasonably ok area - certainly one you could walk alone at night without expecting any problems. So there must be some modern-day Fagin encouraging his 'boys' to pinch particular comestibles,  or a black market in knock-off cheddar & bacon, that I'm not privy to. Or perhaps an underclass of addicted fatties, hoping their ghost appears; anxiously willing the arrival of a guy in PR shoes ? (never mind the hat) .

Home Is Where I Want to Be - Mott the Hoople
Wildlife (1971)

Love this - tho' it doesn't really sound like Mott the Hoople to me.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fucking Honestly

I went out for lunch with my old Dad yesterday - I can call him that, at eighty five, I think.

He chose the venue ( and paid, for that matter - thanks Dad! ) - a once bustley lunchtime pub right on the old main road, or it was before they built a bypass... not that the road's exactly quiet, even so. A somewhat odd place, over all the near thirty years I've known it - seemingly obsessed for long after the possibility faded away, with using signage to dissuade coaches (buses) full of potential drinkers & diners.

Seems a very seventies thing, from my perspective; although no doubt people still do travel by bus & coach, despite far more prevalent car-ownership, and presumably the non-scheduled holiday types, do make stops for refreshments. So it's not the notion of there being modest numbers of hungry punters on the road, but that there still exist establishments who think they're busy or highfalutin enough to turn them away no matter what, and even spend money on a sign with which to do so.

In fairness, the unwelcome signs have gone, externally - leaving just incumbent regulars  to deter the cheerful chance customer.

If you live in London, or Portsmouth or Brighton, you probably rarely hear anyone banging on about how bleedin' wonderful the town or city is... but take the man (ok, some men) away from their 'home', and all they do is carp & boast of the numerous ways in which the place they moved away from, is so much better than where they are now. Specifically, in this case, London, and even more particularly, North of the River. "There's nuffink any good, Sarf' of the River, Nuffink!"... and apparently especially, no good football teams.

Since I'm carping myself, bunging olives in Tomato sauce right before you serve 'em, doesn't count as 'marinaded'. It's also nice to ditch the dried first slice of a pre-used cucumber; and mildly encouraging if the staff care enough about what they're selling, to update the 'specials' board before 1pm, so as to reflect the day's dishes. There are good reasons why a Pub beside a busy road, close to a quaint town centre, is quiet as can be, on a (lately) rare sunny lunchtime; and tempted though I am to blame Old Men & Pints of Beer... the cause likely lies squarely at the feet of them that run the place.

A pertinent tune then? - you're out of luck there too - but this is rather good, in a Poppier, Rockier, but still engagingly & audaciously, slightly shambolic, Camper Van Beethoveny sorta way. So maybe it is pertinent? - antidotally so.

♫  Fucking Honestly  -  The Please & Thank Yous
Mind Yr P's & Q's (2010)
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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Ropes - We want to fight you

Getting on for a year since I first heard New York duo The Ropes with this rather impressive EP title track...

Be My Gun
Be My Gun EP (2009)
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They've a fine & shiny new EP out now, which is similarly available completely free at their website

I Miss You Being Gone
I Miss You Being Gone EP (2010)
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Love Is a Chain Store
Love Is a Chain Store EP (2009)
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Sunday, 21 February 2010

They Say I'm Normal

I do like this - it's long and jazzy and wonderfully open, feels torch-songy, despite the subject; and proves that if you're good, you can write about most anything.
I get My Funny Valentine and Cry Me a River going round my head, hearing this...

Succulent Mayonnaise  -  Lachi

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& yeah, it's not on the album, or any album, so far as I can tell... sue me.

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